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Pollards Pest Control Fly
General Pest Control

Spiders, flies, ants, bees/wasps, beetles, cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas and earwigs to name a few - most of these can make you and your family ill - don't let this happen! Pollards Pest Control provide a service that will rid you of these little pests -  easily and safely. 

Pollards Pest Control Rats
Rats and Mice

Mice or rats can pose an annoying and unhygienic problem for your home and business. Get rid of the nuisance value that rodents create  -  use our rodent control service.

Pollards Pest Control Termites

Don’t let termites destroy your valuable home and property. Get a termite inspection done today for peace of mind. If a follow-up treatment is needed, we provide quality service and products at very competitive rates.if you are building a new home we can do pre work on your new build. We use GREENZONE®  as a termite management on both pre-construction work and when a concrete pour will be adjacent to an existing slab

Pollards Pest Control
Possum Removal

These little fellas often find their way into homes or businesses. We provide a removal/relocation service that relocates these little guys safely and effectively 



Mark Pollards Pest Control is a  family business that has been operating successfully for just over 10 years. Mark and Laura run this business with some help from Lesley. As the sole technician in the business, Mark can be certain that our high quality of service is maintained both by ensuring that we use the latest, most effective pest control methods and also that the physical application of the treatments is safe, prompt and reliable. We pride ourselves on having both a personal and professional approach to our clients  -  we are always happy to work through the best solution for your pest control problems. Our area of service focuses on Benalla, Wangaratta, Euroa, Violet Town, Mansfield and Yarrawonga areas.







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